April 8, 2019

April 8, 2019

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March 11, 2018

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Tips for Making the Most of Your Session!

October 14, 2017




The leaves are changing colors and the air is starting to cooling for the fall season. I have been posting for weeks with outfit inspirations and today I want to give you all a few tips on making the most of your mini or full session! 


The most coveted family photos are candids that showcase your family's true personality. As a mom, I get it! Even when I had my own family photos taken, I was struggling to keep my son sitting and smiling. I had to take a DEEP breath and remind myself, that those type of pictures just don't really exist at this age. 


So how do you get the Pinterest Perfect posing... without posing? Follow these tips!


Don't look at the camera! This one is tough because after years of smiling and saying CHEESE, it's a habit to do it every time. I'll tell you when to look and smile :D


Do look at each other! Try to keep a smile on your face, but don't point them my direction! 


Don't struggle to wrangle a toddler or child who wants to stand. The frustration will show in your pictures. 


Do snuggle into your partner and let your kid be a kid, I'll capture all the magic as they do! Instead, nuzzle into your partner, kiss them, laugh at your child's antics. 


Don't worry if you feel like we aren't getting any pictures. That's my job! And I'll absolutely make it right if we don't get what you're looking for! 


Do ENJOY YOURSELF! If you're frustrated in your pictures, it will show. If you're having fun, that will show even more! Your family is unique, beautiful and hilarious, let that SHINE! 


Don't stand far away from me when it's time to get your kid's pictures and talk to them. 


Do stand right next to me! Trust me, you can't get too close! If you are right next to my face and calling their name, that's the trick


for getting smiling pictures. 


There is going to be a lot of times where I ask you to whisper something to your child to either make them laugh, tell them how proud you are of them or other ways to elicit those big grins, feel free to take the reigns! 


Bring along loveys, toys, bribes (no shame!) and whatever else you think might help your little one to cooperate, but don't be frustrated if they don't feel up to it. We will make some magic happen!


Your session coming up is going to be a blast! 


Above all remember that I am the one working! Your job is only to enjoy your family time!


Can't wait to see you all in the next few weeks and I'm here for any questions you might have!





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